Alll Riigghhtt!!

2010-07-19 09:18:04 by fitzfactor64

Yes! I got scouted and now my stuff will appear in the art portal! Not a huge deal, I know, but I'm still glad that my stuff isn't complete garbage!

Anyway, I was thumbing through my sketchbook the other day and discovered that I don't ever really draw girls. Hrmmm, I think that's a problem. Cause whenever I draw girls now I make them a bit too manly.

So yeah, I'm going to be doing sketches of the female anatomy! Woo. On top of that I would like to say that I really love color! I had never been good at it, but I think I'm beginning to get better, we'll see how it goes.

Peace guys, have a good day.

Alll Riigghhtt!!


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